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BetEurovision Podcast Recording Schedule

Updated: May 12, 2022

As rehearsals have started in Turin the BetEurovision podcasts will be upping in frequency to match the business end of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest season.

We plan to record six episodes of roughly 20 minutes each in the coming fortnight.

Evening of Tuesday 3rd May - after all semi finalists have had their first rehearsal

Evening of Thursday 5th May - after the Big 5 countries have had their first rehearsal

Evening of Saturday 7th May - after all countries have had their second rehearsal

Evening of Monday 9th May - after the Jury Show for Semi Final One

Evening of Wednesday 11th May - after the Jury Show for Semi Final Two

Evening of Friday 13th May - after the Jury Show for the Grand Final

We aim to have episodes out the morning after each recording session at the latest.

A post results edition will likely be held in the summer when Lid and Jenko can meet up in person.

Lid's tips are in a healthy spot but there's lots that can go wrong. Three big wins on Farida and Sofie Fjellvang qualifying through their respective MGP heats, as well as Liamoo picking up enough jury points to beat Klara Hammarström in Melfest has left his tipping total for the season so far at +£72.50.

Yet there's already an e/w bet on Italy, and a bet against favourites Ukraine in the podcast book, so it will be a nervous time over the next two weeks to see if he extends his winnings further for the season or crashes into negative figures.

If you have not yet subscribed to the podcast please do so. Episodes are hosted for a while on the website and also on Spotify. Otherwise use this link to add the BetEurovision podcast to whatever site you use to subscribe to podcasts.

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