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Welcome to BetEurovision! This is the place for you if you're looking for any of the below:

  • How to make more informed Eurovision bets

  • How to turn your Eurovision passion into profit

  • Understanding the stats behind winning in Eurovision

  • You simply want your Eurovision news with more of a data angle


We release regular content including a podcast, our top betting tips, and Eurovision insight articles during the Eurovision season. If you have any feedback on our content please get in touch.


We are a group of friends who met at university through many shared interests, two of the main ones being Eurovision and betting. A few years ago we decided to put our money where our mouth is and have formed a betting syndicate that now makes a regular profit on Eurovision each year.

The betting odds are always interesting to follow throughout the season, and play a key role in the  contest build-up, but they can often be more baffling than insightful. We have decided to share with the community our insights, learnings, and expertise when it comes to beating the Eurovision odds. Enjoy!




Ben (Lid) is our Eurovision expert in the group, having been a writer for ESC Today and more recently ESC Insight - covering the Song Contest in depth with opinions and statistical analysis. 


Ben has attended over 30 Eurovisions, Junior Eurovisions, and National Finals. His proudest moments include being on the Melodifestivalen jury in 2016, and the Bulgarian jury for their selection in 2017. He is currently based in Sweden, and can also be found on Twitter @Bensvision

Favourite Song: Suus - Albania 2012



Simon (Jenko) leads on our Broadcast and PR activity, hosting our regular podcast, as well as providing long term trading advice.


Simon started following the contest in 2006 and is currently based in the North of England.

Favourite Song: Grande Amore - Italy 2015



David is our resident betting expert and webmaster. With a background in statistics, data, and betting he leads our betting education projects and syndicate betting strategy.

David started following Eurovision in 2009 after meeting Ben at university, and is currently based in London.

Favourite Song: Rock'n'Roll Kids - Ireland 1994




Bryn is is a key part of our betting team, with expertise centered around identifying trading opportunities, of which there are plenty in Eurovision. 


He first started following the contest in 2006 and is currently based in Northern Ireland.

Favourite Song: Fairytale - Norway 2009



Nick is one of our founding members, and our data and insights expert, as well as being one of the most experienced members of our betting team.

Coming from a family of Eurovision fans, Nick has followed the contest since he was a kid, with the first contest he remembers being 1996. He is currently based in the North of England.

Favourite Song: Euphoria - Sweden 2012

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