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Post-Rehearsal Blog: Day 4

Just a short post-rehearsal blog here. Did see all the performances but with no time or space to blog sufficiently, writing this the morning after.


No. He's bored of the song, as are we. Favourite to be last.


Market has moved in on this. Vocally very strong and smoke effects on backdrop impressively timed to give power. Not sure I agree with the market switch though.

In a friendly semi final, but still relying on those votes to make it. I'd tend to it being 12th more than 10th at the moment.


A stand out today for making being old-fashioned cool. On the podcast yesterday it was joked about as a possible Fly On The Wings Of Love moment in terms of odds. No, but if anything did it would be this, as it fits the criteria for being a ridiculous jury landslide should one exist. Biggest move was in the qualify market and with France and Spain voting in this semi this should be a done deal.


I was cautious on this for its slow start but there is enough going on, and clarity and warmth to Victoria, that keep me hooked until we get to the chorus. Big riser in personal opinion, and in the betting market. Trading in at under 9s to win the entire thing. It certainly has plenty of winning elements and the colour hue is magnificent. I've moved up on this, and think it might be wise to do so as well.


Like UMK, although the sound in the big hall I think made it just a touch less professional sounding and more copycat. I have this as a dark horse with a huge standard deviation, but I am surprised if this is in contention by the end of the show now. Qualifying and lower order for the Grand Final is my suspicion, and looks like Iceland are running away with the top Nordic market.


Similar staging routing as in Still Breathing last year. Was hoping for a more intense parade moment or girl squad like in the music video, but Samanta repeats the crown on the head thing too much. I need, and the audience needs, to see power and progression. I had small thoughts for this being a Hvala Ne style anthem, but hadn't invested, and see this as an NQ


Impressive and mesmerising. Backing vocals being on tape really helps the power of this come across and I find Gjon's Tears much more likeable, if still too academic, in this piece of interpretive song and dance. Side-by-side with Bulgaria I consider Bulgaria more dangerous, but the effects here have their own specialness and appeal, albeit far narrower in range.


As in the National Final. There's a love for this from some but I assume too small to vote through. Market agrees.

Indeed the market now has ten very clear qualifiers under evens, and the rest comfortably over evens. Austria/Estonia are the two outsiders I'd watch most, over possibly Albania.

Top Tips

Podcast tip yesterday was, at near evens, Switzerland not to win the semi. Definitely doable, but Bulgaria and Iceland feel more obvious at this point.

If you think the jury fairytale for Portugal can happen, then the top 10 market is your friend, and still 8s with Come On and Ladbrokes

I'll be writing a little bit on each semi if any changes, but will only live blog for the big 5 and host country rehearsals on Thursday,

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