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Podcast, Ask Me Anything, and Alexander Rybot

The first edition of the Bet Eurovision podcast has just been recorded and will be published we hope wherever you get your podcasts. If you can't subscribe there then we also host the podcast on our website where you can stream it from.

We also want to announce that on Tuesday 10th January our odds expert Ben Robertson will be hosting an Ask Me Anything about the Eurovision betting odds and market. If you have a burning question to ask about how the betting works and how people can place odds before the songs have even been heard please submit them next week. The announcement has been made publicly on reddit and Ben will post the AMA thread on Tuesday next week.

He'll then answer questions from 20:00 to 22:00 CET next week.

Finally we also wish to announce our new addition to the Bet Eurovision team, Alexander Rybot. Alexander lives on Twitter and his role in the team is to tweet whenever there is a significant move in the Eurovision betting market. Feel free to follow him on Twitter at bet_eurovision2 to get the latest updates on any Eurovision market moves.

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