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Melodi Grand Prix Heat 3 Tips

Back to NRK and now we are almost half way through. Almost because one of the automatic qualifiers needs to wait until the 'last chance' show to perform to the audience.

The reflections on semi 2 are that it was a bland show that featured four performances that seemed like amateur hour. Glad that Farida won, but she didn't do anything to shift her winning chances, and the others were unfortunate parodies and imitations.

It seems the only one who remembered that 2021's buzz word was authenticity was Christian from A1. Now his ballad is very very stinky cheese but he performed this is what he has written, and written well, for years.

Anyway to semi 3. I'm hottest on Mari Bølla, the 2020 Idol winner who has a usp with her pop-rap verse that gives that much needed authenticity to her American teen pop slice of Disney Channel.

The thought of an Idol winner (from 2020 at that) not going through is difficult, and it's an easy tip to give at 2.75 (Betsson)

What came up since release has been Vilde with 'Titans', and now she is considered a co-favourite with many. This move came after I spotted that Titans did creep into the Norway top 200 on Spotify, and was the only song that was charting at the time.

(As an aside nothing is charting atm, which should concern most Subwoolfer backers as they should have gone viral now but their fire is becoming very ember-like)

Titans is the Scandi equivalent to Mari's song, but without the obvious Je Ne Said Quoi and a grandiose hook that sounds millenial rather than Gen Z in appeal. Can see why this has fans, but can't see why neutrals would go for this over the Idol winner.

The early fan appeal went for Hammer of Thor, and the Viking stage appeal of that title is awesome. Sadly the song is far too slow in tempo and lyrical dynamics to actually be exciting, and there would need to be the mother of all stage shows to lift this. They started the week at 6.5 with some bookies and have been backed in. Maybe someone has seen the staging?

Finally there is pressure on outsider Sturla to do well as the last remaining Norwegian language track in the show. This is very 5th place in an MF semi in vibe and while Daniel Lukas did well last week (a possible last chance contender?)'s hard to see a reason to vote for this one which is why it is the outsider.

Re:winners I will come clean and say that I have moved something onto Sofie Fjellvang for overall victory. Covid-hit Subwoolfer are not charting as well as they really should be and I question how well people fully masked can emotionally connect with the audience. The odds on price is an overreaction to Tix's victory last year...he was (and is) still dominating charts in a way Subwoolfer can only dream of. They are beatable. If not Elsie, and I presume not NorthKid (they perform tonight) then the gap is huge to Sofie at 20s.

There's not many contenders left who can challenge.

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