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Five Last Minute Tips For Semi Final One

If you're late to the party and looking for some eleventh hour advice on what to go for to make tonight's show that bit more exciting, don't worry - Bet Eurovision has you covered. Below are our top five tips for the opening show of Eurovision Week - give them a go and let us know how you get on! North Macedonia to qualify, 7.5 (Unibet) - Vasil has a great vocal and visual gimmick with lights projected onto his chest. Crucially though his position in the running order lends itself to a good showing; his sombre and powerful song following a more chaotic style from Australia and heading straight into an ad break. Israel to qualify at 2.25 (Bet365/Bwin) - Eden should qualify on merit, but the odds have been pushed out past evens due to a suspicion and perhaps even an expectation that events outside the song contest will be a barrier. It's difficult to say how much of a factor this will be, but an odds-against punt feels like good value on what is a decent enough song which should get plenty of jury love, at least in a fair world.

Belgium to qualify at 1.91 (Betfred) - Another borderline qualifier, Belgium's rehearsals have had rave reviews within the Eurovision community and while these should be taken with a rather large fistful of salt, the powerful and melancholy vocals make this a real contender. This semi contains several uptempo female-sung tracks and Belgium's place, sandwiched between two of these in Croatia and Israel, could help it to stand out amongst the crowd. Watch out for a little cheer from the Dutch crowd for their neighbours as well. Sweden top 3 @ 5.0 (Exchange) - Sweden has a great track record, consistently finishing in the top 3 and not failing to qualify for a decade. It's a jury friendly song that has drifted significantly from a much shorter position just a couple of weeks ago, and the jury performance last night was solid enough for them to do well - other competitors such as Ukraine and Lithuania are perhaps just too quirky for a jury to support. We don't expect this to drift any further and it's as good a bet as you're going to get on Sweden at this point.

Malta to win the semi @1.64 (CoolBet) - Finishing off the show is Destiny, and her place in the running order along with a powerful vocal, improved styling and camera work which is finally coming together creates a package which you have to feel will do well. To win the semi, much as in the final, you need to impress both jurors and the voting public and in our view Malta is the country best placed to do that. It's an odds-on tip, but it's odds-on for a reason and a contender for the Grand Final too.

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