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Danish MGP Betting Tips and Review

I’ve sat through this morning to check on the songs for Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix finally. I can fully see why they are triple figures in the Eurovision win market, and any of these has a mountain to climb to get out of the Eurovision Semi Final in May.

What is notable here is that four of the eight songs competing are in the Danish language. This is really unusual for a Danish selection, and I can’t work out if the Danish public will be inspired or put off sending a song in Danish. Usually the Danish language songs are not in the mix at all when it comes to the top of the pecking order.

Fyr & Flamme have moved to favourites and are evens with most oddsmakers (still 2.75 on Betway). It’s a throwback song that feels like something Denmark would send to Eurovision back in the 80s and 90s, but is a good interpretation of that style. I note that they have two tracks in the Spotify charts at the moment (although not their MGP entry) and also have a running order third from last. This is the traditional Danish pimp slot, Danish producers put Conchita and The Common Linnets in at third from last in their respective halves of the Eurovision final in 2014, although that trend has been weaker in recent years.

I agree with the odds that Cosmic Twins (2.88 on Betway) are the biggest challenges to the crown. The track has a cool vibe to it, at least compared to the competition, and there’s plenty of chance with this for striking visuals. The format here is that there is a public vote, using the app that DR have, and then a three song superfinal. I would be surprised for either of these two to miss out on the superfinal.

Because the DR app allows only one vote per phone I think the third favourite, Chief 1 & Thomas Butterschön (6.0 on Bet365) is unlikely. It is in a similar catchment to Fyr & Flamme’s style and I think running order, plus the bigger status of the latter group sees them hoovering up these votes. I have the third place in the super final as between Emma Nicoline (11 on Bet365) or Jean Michel (21 on Bet365). These are drawn late in the show and seem the most coherently radio and ‘Danish-sounding’ tracks compared to their previous Eurovision entries.

There’s an argument that Jean Michel is worth a flutter at that price - drawn last and with an XFactor pedigree there’s space in Beautiful for some vocal acrobatics that may make it the most correct sounding to the general public. The studio version has a long instrumental to end, and a live ad lib section here may just lift it as a contender. We’re completely gambling on his artistic creativity though with this one.

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